More About Us

Founded in September 2000, the company originally focused on assisting entrepreneurs with raising start-up funding for new business ideas.

About Us

Founded in September 2000 by Adriaan Esterhuizen after a 4-year stint in commercial property development consulting. Originally named GROWCO, the company focused on assisting entrepreneurs with raising start-up funding for new business ideas. With time the focus moved towards a more inclusive service of business development & structuring, contract negotiation and capital raising. 

By Middle 2006,

the company was re-branded to BMDC. Many of our old clients moved with us into the new era and remain to this day loyal and supportive of our efforts in making a valuable contribution to development of the entrepreneurial market in South Africa.


we have grown into a company with international reach and with our innovative approach to strategic structuring and investment profiling, are considered by many individuals and firms alike as one of the few consultancies in the industry that get positive results despite the predominantly negative funding market prevailing in South Africa.

Our Core Focus

has always remained on capital raising, strategic structuring & business development and we have expanded our access to the funding & financing market across the globe with a vast network of co-consultancies, fund managers in almost all types of financing and deal makers alike.

The Originator

Adriaan Esterhuizen boasts extensive experience on a managerial and ownership level in the insurance, property development and private business sectors since 1993. Self-taught with highly relevant practical experience and critical exposure to negotiate structured solutions across various industries. He strongly believes in driving team performance values and operational efficiency within client’s businesses.

In 1999 he started a research programme into global venture practices with a specific focus on the venture capital and private equity markets and the role it plays in Southern Africa. Over the past 25 odd years, Adriaan has been privileged to consult and work with some of the prominent investment groups and private funds active in Europe and Southern Africa. As owner and CEO of BMDC, he continuously strengthens ties between BMDC, global consultancy firms and private funds, to expand the service reach and expertise within the BMDC network.

To date he has built a vast network of contacts across the dealmaker industry and, coupled with his street smarts and the knack for development strategic ventures, has grown BMDC to a point where it stands above the crowd.