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Below a brief list on how we can assist. We are known for structuring workable transactions that the majority can’t do, especially so when it comes to capital raising.

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The best advice is always to talk to us first and let us assess the full picture and only then make suggestions on the best way forward pertaining to type of product/service needed.

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Client Acclamations

“The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas of enthusiasm.” – Thomas Watson

“When our company was first introduced to BMDC it was soon established that BMDC would be in a position to assist our company in raising much-needed start-up capital to launch our company effectively into the marketplace…..We have found that BMDC holds its values in the success of its clients and every reasonable effort was made to assist Fresh Radiance cc in more aspects than what was required from the agreed business relationship.”

Tyrone Blommestijn
Fresh Radiance

“After much trying on my part for funding and to no avail, I finally consulted one of the magazines on sale and was fortunate to come across the advertisement for BMDC. As a last resort, I got into contact with Mr. Esterhuizen. After some basic changes to my business plan and minor details, I am pleased with the level of service and advice I received. I really did appreciate all the help and time spent on my behalf on this project and I am pleased to be associated with such a dedicated team. As per Absa’s request, I would like to request that you accept the role as mentor for my program.”

Loren Clothier

“Mr. Esterhuizen played a vital, hands-on role and expressed a thorough understanding of our problems and rose to the challenge to produce a solution for our members to procure bridging capital. By linking with one of his international affiliates a product was devised that would benefit all parties involved. A broad outline of the product was ultimately used in recent discussions with the IDC and will form part of the new IDC provided finance solutions in our sector. Needless to mention that I would be glad to work with Mr. Esterhuizen again in the future, should the need arise, I would recommend him to anyone who might need his specialized services.”

Bruce Tedder
South African Boatbuilders Business Council

“The proposal drafted and prepared by Mr Esterhuizen…. Mirrored a high level of professionalism, expertise, market knowledge and structures of approach for specific funds and have we received on separate occasions un- official recognition for the final product. The framework of this proposal has since been used for various investment-stage applications (adapted for each individual fund). It is my humble opinion that Mr Esterhuizen is more than capable of assisting any company with the structuring of their businesses should the need arise.”

Martin Kramer
MD, IQTeQ Development

“Mr. Esterhuizen has been advising us on structuring and strategic development strategies since 2001. During 2012 we started looking at alternative funding structures when we were offered the opportunity to assist one of our local buyers with an urgent offshore purchase order. We approached BMDC again to assist. Mr. Esterhuizen secured a long-term funding facility within record time that allowed us to complete the order within the deadline. This facility will also enable us to expand the offshore purchase portion within the company. We commend Mr. Esterhuizen for his swift actions to generate a long-term solution and would gladly make use of his services again in future.”

Oscar Marshall
Managing Member, Rubicon Paper

“Mr. Esterhuizen has been advising us on various projects within our business over the past 15 years. He has an incredible understanding for business structures and models that do not operate within the bigger markets and although he is notorious for his directness and bluntness when it comes to negotiating terms on contracts, be it with lenders, banks or CEO’s of blue chip entities, he has never failed to deliver. Capital raising, especially alternative ways to fund our transactions are his bread and butter. If he can’t find a solution, there probably isn’t one. I will always refer him to anyone that needs a different approach to finding a solution. Adding him to your go-to contacts should be priority.”

Roger Buckle
Independent Assessment Managers – Legal & Audit Division

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Adriaan on various projects, from design stage up to capital raising stages and his abilities and knowledge within the business development market sector is beyond reproach. His ability to structure a business to attract investment from the financing sector is well-known and he has vast practical knowledge within various market sectors, with notable work done in the property development, mining, agricultural, energy including oil & gas, medical, technology and manufacturing sectors. My firm, BMDC and an Israel based boutique investment banking firm, joined forces in early 2017 to form a business initiative focusing on transactions within Africa and the Mediterranean. Collectively we bring a very specialized and diverse service offering to the table that is built on experience, practical know-how and first-hand knowledge of the market including the structuring, funding and establishment processes involved with these types of projects.”

Abe Mkhize
Nest of the Globe Investments Pty Ltd